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Building health promotion workforce capacity in the NT: Where are we heading?



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20 April 2009

Abstract: There is a strong commitment at a range of levels within the NT Department of Health & Families (DHF) to invest in health promotion. In particular, there is a desire to build on, and strengthen, health promotion workforce capacity through the provision of education and training for DHF staff. Menzies School of Health Research were commissioned to conduct three phases of the consultation: (1) a case study of health promotion education & training issues in the VET & Higher Education sector in South Australia; (2) the identification of the health promotion workforce needs of the DHF from the perspective of DHF policy and planning staff; and (3) the identification of the current and future challenges of health promotion education and training across the NT from the perspective of key stakeholders within the VET and higher education sector.

The consultation process identified that there are significant gaps and a lack of co-ordination in health promotion education and training at VET, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A key challenge that the DHF faces is to provide health promotion education and training opportunities that meet the needs of staff in strategic policy, planning and operational roles. The mapping process has shown there is a willingness among key stakeholders to engage in an ongoing discussion, and to work in partnership, to develop future health promotion education and training opportunities in the NT.

This presentation will highlight key findings from the mapping process and describe both current and future strategies to support health promotion workforce planning and development in the NT.