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National Heart Foundation Funding Opportunities 2012



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14 June 2011

The ultimate aim of this seminar is to introduce the Heart Foundation Research Program and showcase its funding opportunities. Heart Foundation would like to work closely with the local cardiovascular research force to together strengthen the Australia’s cardiovascular research capacity. Given Menzies has a strong interest in cardiovascular research, Dr Akiko Ono (National Director - Research Program) would like to take this particular opportunity to share some funding availability for your consideration, and to use this as an opportunity to ask the question of ‘how can we work/help you?’. Voices of researchers are very important for the Heart Foundation Research Program to ensure that what is offered as part of the research funding portfolio is indeed in alignment with the needs of researchers and that it is strategically designed to serve towards building a stronger research capacity.

With this in mind, the presentation will cover:
•    Brief introduction of Heart Foundation Research Program
•    Research funding portfolio – what is available in the funding market
•    How the NHF Peer Review system works
•    Success rate for each funding scheme in the past year
•    Strategic approach towards high priority cardiovascular research area

Dr Akiko Ono, National Director - Research Program
Dr Akiko Ono has an extensive background in cardiovascular biology research as well as business management. Akiko began her career with a Heart Foundation Summer Scholarship which inspired her to pursue a career in the laboratory and complete a PhD on thrombosis research with a Heart Foundation/NHMRC Doctoral Scholarship.
After years of front-line medical research experience and holding several business management positions in the corporate sector, Akiko joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  There she held the role of National Program Leader for the National Research Strategy Unit, where she was responsible for research strategy development and implementation.
In 2010, Akiko joined the Heart Foundation as National Director of their Research Program. In this role, Akiko is responsible for an annual budget in excess of $14 million to strategically fund research into the causes, prevention, management and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and related disorders. As a charity, with approximately 76% of funding coming from the generosity of the Australian public, Akiko has the responsibility of ensuring this money is used in most sensible and effective way possible. As a result, each year this program proudly funds approximately 200 of the best and brightest cardiovascular researchers in the country based on scientific merit.